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Man.. Tirone never got his shit together..

The fact that something of this quality can come out on newgrounds, by a person with some freetime, shits all over RWBY and justifies every argument that RWBY moves like someone doesnt know how to rig.

Awesome job. Amazing work. I think this was cool.

Kel-chan responds:

wow...i remember following montyoum before he did is rwby stuff. But I still have to learn to create better fight scenes and action sequences- his still blow me away

Well animated and Well Executed

That could have been the greatest idea you've ever had.

When the black hole is created ill be sure to get on and show everyone i know this video.

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What could i say really..

I didn't... not enjoy it?.. the music is a tad wrong, it's a little too exciting for a slow paced kinda game. It's not challenging at all, and not the most bit addicting. I did enjoy it, it was worth my time, but it just doesnt have enough PSHHAW! to it.

It is a very interesting game and i give you props. I see a lot of potential here. Change the spikes to fire, the square to a stickman. change the coins into crystals. and BAM. you have a game people will drool over. lol no im j/k man. But seriously your doin good.

The guy below me is right.

Too touchy. too quick. not very well put out. looks abit rushed. Good job on the game. but put a little more time into fixin her up.

This is the exact same as

Micro Car Racer!!!
Different models. Different textures. Same sound effects. Same selection menu, Same terrible idea

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Im hosting a fighting game tournament on the 30th. Mind if I use this for the wrap up video (afterwards I make a video of how the event went. This style beat fits the scene perfectly)

DJaxsNG responds:

Sure :D

Is this FROM something? I love it. I'd love to use it in a game, but it sounds so well done, and orchestrated, I didnt want to put it in a game if it's from a game.

newrounds1 responds:

Hello! Sorry for an EXTREEEMELY late answer, and yes THIS is from something ! :)
IT's from a game called Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga ^_^
I was hoping someone would use my music in a game or movie sometime soon, but... oh well :3 as long as they enjoiii :D

At around 1:30 a violin? is introduced to the piece. Unless intended disregard, but it feels too crisp. If add an attack to the beginning of the synth, or adjust it if possible, with a longer release. Because of the sudden open and close of the instrument it feels almost 8-bit, in what otherwise is a well constructed song. I love the guitar.

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